Nottingham Business School operates on a Lean Operating System.
In order to constantly and consistently improve its own performance, NBS has installed 'Lean at NBS', which is the label for its internal operating system, which has helped in its transformation. As the Business School for business, NBS leads the way by showing how it applies Lean to innovate and give higher value to its students, customers, and clients.

Successful implementation of Lean in Education shows that it can be applied in 'Knowledge Intensive' organisations such as Education and ER&D.

Nottingham Business School defines Lean as:

The relentless endeavour for satisfying customers' needs and wants using the minimum of energy by maximising value and minimising waste.

In order to continuously maximise value and minimise waste, we use our Lean operating system, its tools and techniques to optimise the flow of value to match the customer demand.

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