Functional essentials

Dates tbcOne or two daysFinance for Managers
You are not a financial specialist but are aware that an understanding of how your job impacts on your organisations financial position would make you more effective.

This course provides an understanding of the financial aspects of your job and the impact of your decisions enabling you to work more effectively amongst financial specialists.

Dates tbcOne or two daysEssentials of Corporate Financial Management
This course is designed for senior executives and heads of business units or functional areas.

The course shows how to assess the output of financial systems and leverage financial resources for a competitive advantage. It also explores the effective management of financial resources during a recession.

Dates tbcOne or two daysHR for non HR Managers
This course is designed for heads of (non HR) business units and functional areas.

The course aims to build a solid foundation of core HR practice to provide you with a greater business insight in HR practice, and how it affects you and your management style.

Dates tbcOne or
two days
Marketing for Managers
This course is designed for heads of non-marketing business units and functional areas.

It offers an overview of key areas in marketing practice enabling you to develop your market analysis, targeting strategies and promotional planning in order to improve your customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. This short course aims to offer logical strategies for some of the most challenging aspects of marketing, helping you to analyse your company's situation and maximise your chances to successfully develop and grow your business.


The following discounts are available on all courses listed above.  

  • 10% discount for organisations booking two places across the programme
  • 20% discount for organisations booking three places across the programme.

Further discounts are available for organisations booking more than six places, please contact us for further details.

Please note: overnight accommodation is not included in the fee.