The fees below apply for 2018 entry (2018/19 academic year). If your course starts between September 2017 and August 2018 the 2017/18 fees will apply.

Our fees for full-time Masters courses are outlined below:

Home / EU Students

  • £9,250 (one year full-time)
  • £10,635 (two years with placement - £9,250 in year one and £1,385 in year two)

International Students

  • £14,200 (one year full-time)
  • £15,585 (two years with placement - £14,200 in year one and £1,385 in year two)

The following courses have different course fees due to the course length and different opportunities being offered as part of the course.

MSc International Business (single award) and MSc Entrepreneurship

  • Home / EU student - £10,250 (one year full-time)
  • International student - £15,200 (one year full-time)

MSc International Business (dual award)

  • Home / EU student - £11,100 (15 months full-time)
  • International student - £15,700 (15 months full-time)

Professional courses:


Course nameStudy modeFeeCost per Module
Executive MBA (EMBA)Two years (part-time)£8,250 for Year One* 
Master of Business Administration (MBA)One year (full-time)£16,500 
Two years (with placement)£17,885 (£16,500 in Year One, £1,385 in Year Two) 
Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)Four years (part-time)£11,000 (for all four years)
£5,500 for each additional year
Management and LeadershipCertificate
3 x £1,220
3 x £1,220
3 x £1,400
Certificate and Diploma£5,7603 x £1,220; or
3 x £700
Certificate, Diploma and MSc£9,4206 x £1,220; or
3 x £700
Certificate in Human Resource PracticeOne year (part-time)£2,160 
PG Diploma in Human Resource ManagementTwo years (part-time)£6,168 (£3,084 for Year One*) - Home / EU student
£9,468 (£4,734 for Year One*) - International student
£1,028 (HEU)

£1,578 (Int)
MSc Human Resource ManagementTwo years (part-time)£4,625 (for Year One*) - Home / EU student
£7,100 (for Year One*) - International student
CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional MarketingOne year (part-time)£1,700**3 x £565 (£600 if doing individual module)
CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional MarketingOne year (part-time)£1,950**3 x £650 (£700 if doing individual module)
CIPFA Professional Accountancy QualificationStage One£3,1804 x £795
Stage Two£4,6806 x £780
Stage Three£2,6102 x £1,305
Higher Education, Management and LeadershipCertificate£2,475 (one year, part-time) 
Diploma£4,245 (one year, part-time) 
MSc£3,225 (one year, part-time) 
PhD / MPhilFull-time£4260
Writing up fee to be confirmed
Writing up fee to be confirmed

* Please note that if you are considering a part-time route that runs over more than one year, the tuition fee stated is for the first year of study. The course fee for the second year may be subject to annual review.

** Please note that additional costs are incurred from membership with the CIM and CIM assessments

Fees are payable for each year of your course and will be subject to annual increase.

Candidates applying from visa national countries are required to submit an advance payment, which will then be deducted from the full fee.

EU and International (non-EU students) can make their advanced payment by credit or debit card online. You'll find details of how to make secure payments to the University on this page

In cases where an employer or other sponsor takes responsibility for paying fees, some evidence may be required. For example, a purchase order from the sponsor or an official letter on headed paper. Where fees are paid by a sponsoring company, VAT may be payable on top of the fees quoted above.