Masters in Finance and Accounting


MSc Finance Suite

This suite of Finance courses is designed to give you a theoretical background in finance and equip you with practical skills relevant in the world of finance, whilst enabling you to specialise in different fields of finance, accounting and investment banking. These courses should allow you to put theory and contemporary thinking into a practical finance setting. The emphasis is on applying knowledge, skills and techniques to analyse financial instruments and markets.

The course provides you with the opportunity to select a major project which meets your goals; either a consultancy project, a 12 week internship, a global experience project involving a short period of study overseas, or an academic research project. You will also be able to develop personally by undertaking the Academic, Professional and Career Development (APCD) module. This combination of modules will provide you with a range of opportunities that enable your theoretical understanding of finance topics, enable you to personalise your own curriculum and development schedule, and enhance your practical experience of a range of contemporary financial issues.

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