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Business Leaders Lecture: Ann P Francke, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Management Institute

Stop Managing; Start Achieving: Why Management Needs a Makeover 

Date: Wednesday 29 January 2014

Ann P Francke, MBA, CCMI , CMgr, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Author of the Financial Times (FT) Guide to Management

As Chief Executive Officer, Ann brings her extensive global general management experience to the CMI and has a proven track record of developing people and delivering innovative strategies that result in sustainable growth. At CMI, she leverages her experience in leading organisations to promote best practices in management and leadership, and improve management standards across the UK and beyond.

Prior to CMI, Ann was Global General Manager at the British Standards Institution, where she led the training and certification businesses to create a more customer – facing organisation.

Before BSI, Ann held executive board positions at Boots and Yell and was European Vice President at Mars with responsibility for the pet care portfolio. Ann began her career at Procter and Gamble and managed a variety of international brands including Pampers, Always and Olay before rising to global general manager. She has a BA with distinction from Stanford University and MBA and MS degrees from Columbia University in New York.

Ann is a member of the Lancaster University Management School Advisory Board and is currently writing the FT Guide to Management, due out December 2013. She also advises brand funds. Ann speaks frequently at conferences and in the media on all aspects of management best practice.

Ann lives in West London with her husband, her daughter attends university in the USA. A UK / US citizen, Ann also speaks German and Russian.


Ann P Francke