Previous Business Leaders Lecture: Business Leaders Lecture: Ian Curryer

Business Leaders' Lecture: Ian Curryer, Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council

Punching our economic weight: Nottingham's ambitions as one of UK's nine Core Cities

Ian Curryer's presentation set out the prospects for Nottingham's economy as the most ambitious core city.

Nottingham's economy suffered disproportionately in the 2008-2012 recession (compared to other core cities and regional economy) – due to the nature of our economic legacy and structure. But we are emerging strongly from it: as recent data on high growth firms, private sector job creation and falling unemployment rates demonstrates. The reasons for this are relentless focus on growth sectors, connecting businesses to jobs and investment in underlying infrastructure.

Although Nottingham is the smallest of the UK's nine Core Cities, this is our time to emerge as a major core city economy. This will build on:

  • major ongoing investment in infrastructure and construction – including investment in strategic priorities such as HS2, Broadmarsh, the Creative Quarter and a new Skills Hub
  • the development of a stronger Nottingham City-Region
  • our international aspirations and overseas campaigns
  • our efforts to ensure the perceptions of Nottingham's economy match emerging realities.

In conclusion, Nottingham's economy is growing and our ambitions are increasingly realistic. Sustaining this growth will draw on the efforts and expertise of our citizens, universities, businesses and public sector.


Ian Curryer