Call for papers

Twentieth International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing 2012

The submission date for conference papers is now closed. Enquiries for late submissions should be directed to Kim Cassidy.

The conference seeks to advance our understanding and research of customer relationships and service. Contributions in the form of novel theory, methods, conceptual development and empirical research are of particular interest. We welcome academics and researchers from all over the world who work on issues pertaining to relationship marketing.

Following the ICRM tradition established by David Ballantyne from the University of Otago, we intend to stimulate true dialogue and invite participants to discuss and disseminate their views and expertise on all facets of relational connections in the 21st Century market place.

Participants are encouraged to submit their best work, whether it is empirical, conceptual or applied.  Discussion time will be built into the agenda to encourage on-going dialogue and relationship building amongst participants.

Potential topics are in the following areas, but not limited to:

  • the role of emotions in relationships: emotional intelligence
  • developing effective engagement platforms
  • customer communities (on line and off line)
  • misbehaviour in relationships
  • cross cultural differences in relationship development
  • measuring the value of the interpersonal dimensions of relationships on business performance
  • Relationship Marketing and Service-Dominant Logic
  • network perspectives on relationships
  • technology and its impact on relationships
  • impact of web 2.0 /3.0 / Twitter and emerging media on relationship marketing
  • appropriate methodologies for relationship marketing
  • CSR in relationship marketing Social Capital and Relationships
  • buyer / seller relationships.

Please submit an extended abstract or a proposal for a debate, panel discussion, poster presentation, or special session by the extended deadline of Friday 29 June 2012.

If you have any questions about submissions to the main academic conference, please send an email to Kim Cassidy.

Doctoral colloquium

The doctoral colloquium provides a platform for doctoral students with a focus on relationship marketing with an opportunity to tap with the research community. Leading researchers in Relationship Marketing will provide their view on research opportunities, conceptual and methodological developments as well as consulting on publication strategies in this field. Doctoral students will get the chance to present their work and discuss it with leading Relationship Marketing researchers and fellows working in related fields. All topics and methodological approaches within the broad field of relationship marketing will be considered.

Doctoral students at different stages of the dissertation process can apply for participation in the doctoral colloquium.
If you have any questions about submissions to the doctoral colloquium, please email to Michael Ehret.

Submission process

For all colloquium papers please submit an extended abstract, a proposal for a debate, panel discussion, poster presentation or special session by Friday 29 June 2012. All submissions should be by email to Kim Cassidy (cc Michael Ehret)

  1. Papers will be reviewed using a double blind review process and the authors will be notified of acceptance and/or reviewers' comments by Friday 20 July 2012.
  2. Subject to meeting the requirements of the review process, we will publish your submission.
  3. All attendees at the event will be provided with a USB stick containing accepted papers, abstracts and poster presentations so that access to every accepted submission is granted.
  4. If you have any questions, please send an email Kim Cassidy (cc Michael Ehret)

Paper submission guidelines

Please submit an Extended Abstract: between 1,000 and 2,000 words excluding tables and references. This should include a description of the problem, approach, findings and discussion of implications.

The extended abstract will be reviewed and you will be advised of its acceptance by Friday 20 July 2012. If you choose to make revisions, your final submission will appear in the conference proceedings. Final papers need to be submitted no later than Monday 10 September 2012.

Papers should be submitted as MS Word documents using the following format:

Submission guidelines

All 2.54cm (Normal page layout)


Times New Roman 12pt


Double Spacing


Left justified

Maximum Length

2,000 words

Title/Cover Page

Title and Author (no other reference to the author should appear in the submission)
Contact address – email; telephone; fax.
Abstract – max 100 words
Keywords – max four


Papers must include a clear indication of the purpose of the research, the research approach and / or method, major results and implications, key references.

Poster presentation submission guidelines

Size of A2 poster (420 x 594 mm. Clear indication of research purpose, major results, implications, and key references to be provided.

Debates, panel discussions, and special sessions

Proposals should be submitted by the extended submission date of Friday 29 June 2012. Please inform us in case of the need for any additional technical equipment before special sessions, please attach the paper abstracts to the proposal or session description and submit to Kim Cassidy. Submissions for special sessions should have a maximum of 1,000 words and include a rationale, outline, panel, and / or special session participants.

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