ICRM 2012 Programme

Day One - Tuesday 25 September 2012

Morning Sessions - Doctoral Colloquium

Please note: all presentations will take place in the Adams Room in Nottingham Conference Centre unless stated otherwise.
* Indicates presenter(s)

8.30 amRegistration & refreshments
Nottingham Conference Centre, Level 2
9.15 amWelcome Address
Adams Room
Simon Mercado, Associate Dean Nottingham Business School & Kim Cassidy Conference Chair, Nottingham Business School
9.30 amHow can we know what we know? Employing the philosophy of science to address the review processHelge Lobler, University of Leipzig
10.00 am

Paper presentations:

Chair: Michael Ehret, Nottingham Business School
 Understanding and shaping customer co-creation value perceptions* Anne Merken, Hasselt University, Belguim
 Customer Value: From measurement to creation and communication* Sara Leroi-Werelds, Hassalt University, Belguim
 Generation Y support for the cause of breast cancer: Influence of social identities, motivation, and self-versus other-benefit Facebook appeals* Nine Jost, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Jean-Mathieu Fallu, HEC Montreal, Canada
Ronald Ferguson and Michele Palin, Concorda School of Business, Montreal Canada
10.45 amRefreshments, Hub on Level 2N/A
11.00 amReviewing the literatureMike Saren, University of Leicester
11.30 amPaper presentations:Chair: Michael Ehret, Nottingham Business School
 New Service Development: Capability Approach* Outi Nuojua, Jaana Tahtnen, Oulu Business School, University of Oulu, Finland
 Patients, customers and constituents: The service experience at point of service delivery.
Emotional value and future behavioural intention
Sue Diston, Nottingham Business School, UK
 From Monologue to Dialogue: Mapping dialogical Traditions within co-creation and corporate responsibility* Sarah Singleton, Nottingham Business School, UK
Sally Hibbert, NUBS
Robert Caruna NUBS
12.15 pmPanel Discussion: Tips on getting publishedFacilitators:
Kim Cassidy, Nottingham Business School
Christian Gronroos, Hanken School of Economics Finland
Richard Whitfield, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Steve Baron, University of Liverpool
David Ballantyne, University of Otago
1.00 pmLunch Old Library (Newton building)N/A

Afternoon Sessions - Academic Colloquium

12.15 pmRegistration for Academic Colloquium, Nottingham Conference Centre, Level 2N/A
1.00 pmLunch Old Library (Newton building)N/A
1.45 pmWelcome to ICRM 2012

Keynote lecture: Human experiences and beyond, to co-creation
Simon Mercado & Kim Cassidy, Nottingham Business School
Venkat Ramaswamy, University of Michigan, USA
2.45 pmPaper presentations: Session one 
 Service-Dominant Networks as composed from an Actors-Resources-Activities' and service-dominant logic's perspectiveHelge Loebler
 Barriers to value co-creation: A research agenda in the Eco-IndustryAurelia Durand, HEC Montreal Canada
 To participate or not to participate: Exploring the customer value of value co-creation* Anne Merken, Sandra Streukens, Sara Leroi-Werelds, Hasselt University, Belguim
 Customers' Satisfaction in online communities and its impact on brand-customer relationshipZahy Ramadam and *Ibrahim Abosag, Manchester Business School, UK
3.45 pmRefreshments, Level 2 HubN/A
4.00 pmPaper presentations: Session two 
 The Psychological capital of the customer: A positive resource for encouraging customer participation* Sara Leroi-Werelds, Sandra Streukens, Hasselt University Belguim
 I love my town but will I recommend it to my friends?* Adrian Palmer, rennes School of Business and Nicole Koenig-Lewis, School of Business, Swansea
 Emerging applications of social media in customer management* Ana Canhoto, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Moira Clarke, Henley Business School, UK
Paul Fennemore, Viapoint
5.00 pmKeynote lecture: We've been together now for 20 yearsDavid Ballantyne, University of Otago
5.30 pmEnd colloquium proceedings day one 

Dinner guests reconvene at Nottingham Castle for drinks reception and dinner at 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm. Guests are advised to make their own way to and from the venue. Further information will be supplied in delegate conference packs.

Day Two - Wednesday 26 September 2012

Morning Sessions - Academic Colloquium

9.00 amSpecial session one: Solution Selling
Adams Room
Chair: Mario Rese, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum
 Introduction to the special sessionMario Rese
 Selling solutions - the necessity of selling change processesMario Rese and Kira Maiwald, Ruhr-University, Bochum
* Judith Gesing, Ruhr-University, Bochum
 Solution selling - Developing "real" business relationships* Julian Everhartz, Ruhr-University, Bochum
9.45 amPaper presentations: Session three 
 Consumer online shopping regret: A netnographic study of a fashion blog* Nina Mesiranta
Sandra Nenonen
Pekka Tuomien, University of Tampere School of Management, Finland
 Using technology to fulfil promises: exploring evolving relationships* Alistair Mutch, Nottingham Business School
* Julian Bond, Head of ICT, Hillarys Blinds, UK
 Internal marketing as a core competency? A cooperative example* Richard Brookes and Philip Verissmo, University of Auckland, New Zealand
 Managing interorganizational technology transfer: On the role of alliance management capability, organisational compatibility and interaction quality in interfirm collaboration* Stefanie Lohmann and Anja Geigenmullerstephanie, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
10.45 amRefreshments, Level 2 HubN/A
11.00 amSpecial session two: The dark side of relationship marketing; addictive behaviour specialChair: Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University
 Workaholism (and implications for relationships)Mark Griffiths
 Shop and click till you drop: An exploratory study of the components of online shopping addiction* Susan Rose, henley Business school, The University of Reading, UK
* Dr Arun Dhandayudham, Clinical Director Addictions Psychiatry, Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Services, UK
Moira Clark, Henley Business School, The University of Reading, UK
11.40 amPanel discussion: Future agendas for research in relationship marketingFacilitators:
Moira Clark, Henley Business School
Christian Gronroos, Hanken School of Economics Finland
David Ballantyne, University Otago
Adrian Palmer, Swansea University, Rennes School of Business
12.15 pmLunch Old Chemistry Theatre (Newton building)N/A

Afternoon Sessions - Academic Colloquium

1.15 pmPaper presentations: Session four 
 Bored with consumer relationships:The role of marketingMike Saren, School of Management, University of Leicester, Uk
 Projective techniques and relationship marketing? A systematic framework to analyse and interpret insight generated from qualitative projective techniques in political brand image researchChristopher Pich, Nottingham Business School, UK
 The avatar self in marketing relationshipsJanet Ward, University of leicester, UK
2.15 pmSpecial session three: Contributions from the arts to relationship developmentChair: Ray Fisk, Texas State University, USA
 Empathising with customers: a theatrical perspectiveRick Harris, Spect-Actors Inc
 The contribution of forum theatre* Aidan Daley, NUI Galway, Ireland
Steve Baron, University of Liverpool, UK
Mike Dorsch, Clemson University, USA
* Raymond P.Fisk, Texas State University, USA
Stephen J.Grove, Clemson University, USA
3.00 pmRefreshments Level 2 HubN/A
3.15 pmPaper presentations: Session fiveN/A
 Marketing personality: assessing the marketer mind-set and propensity for non-disclosureTony Woodall, Nottingham Business School, UK
 Morality influence on generation Y. Support for the cause of youth homeless: The importance of gender differencesJean-Mathieu Fallu, HEC Montreal, Canada
Nina Jost
* Michele Paulin and Ronald Ferguson, John Molson School of Business Concorda University, Montreal, Canada
 An evolution in thinking about the nexus between events and marketingPhil Crowther, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
 Relationships with brands that have been experienced versus relationships with brands with awareness only*Ibrahim Abosag
Oleskii Bekh
Nidhi Murarka
Felix Martin, Manchester Business School, UK
4.15 pmWrap up and presentation for ICRM Rennes 2013Adrian Palmer, Swansea University, Rennes School of Business

Dinner guests are advised to reconvene outside the main entrance to Nottingham Trent University, Newton Building by no later than 6.30 pm. The coach to the evenings venue, Newstead Abbey will depart at 6.30 pm and returns at approximately 10.30 pm. Further details will be available in delegate conference packs.



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