Practitioner courses at Nottingham Law School
Your legal education does not have to stop after entering the legal profession. Nottingham Law School's expertise and innovation in education can be applied to enhance the knowledge and skills of any legal practitioner with a desire to develop in their career. Highly flexible and not constrained by the academic year, we can deliver our renowned learning by doing approach both here and abroad.

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Our suite of practitioner programmes includes:

  • Professional Certificate in Trade Mark Practice
  • Registered Trade Mark Attorney Intensive Qualification Course
  • Intellectual Property Litigation and Advocacy
  • Certificate Intellectual Property Basic Litigation Skills - Patent Attorney
  • Certificate Intellectual Property Basic Litigation Skills - Trade Mark Attorney

In-house consultancy
Nottingham Law School has a considerable degree of expertise in initial training needs analysis, design and delivery of bespoke postgraduate courses. Our courses are designed for law firms, legal professionals working in the industry and public sector, and qualification frameworks for professional bodies and regulatory organisations across the legal services sector. Interested? Email us

Bespoke courses
We have the ability to design, deliver and assess courses in topics relevant to the modern legal services market for those at all stages of their legal careers including (but not confined to):

  • knowledge and law firm / legal services management (including a new partners' programme)
  • cognitive interviewing
  • advocacy (including SRA rights of audience) in a range of different fora, including arbitration
  • insolvency
  • drafting and other skills
  • mandatory regulation
  • risk management for law firms and legal services providers
  • mediation and negotiation skills, strategies and tactics
  • project management and strategic planning in litigation and dispute resolution
  • PSC core and electives.

Postgraduate, professional and supported research
We offer a suite of practice-based degrees, up to and including a professional doctorate, suitable for individuals wishing to enhance their skills. If you do not wish to embark on a complete degree programme, ask about attending one or more modules or units on a continuing professional development basis. For senior practitioners who wish to explore their practice by carrying out a supported research project, ask about opportunities to proceed directly to the dissertation or project phase of an LLM programme.

For further information about any of these opportunities, please telephone +44 (0)115 848 4460 or email us.









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