The Biosciences academic team has broad expertise. We scrutinise living systems in many ways from the molecular through cellular to ecosystem levels and we put our expertise to use in our research and in our curriculum. We positively influence collaborators and students alike, by emphasising high academic standards and meaningful cooperation between scientists in different disciplines.

Our in-depth research covers a diverse and dynamic range of specialisms. Both teaching and research in the biosciences team are supported by world-class facilities. Because of our ambitious research agenda and ongoing activities, students can expect to approach problems with the latest methods, including those used in industry. 

Students work alongside our highly regarded bioscience academic teams who have had the impact of 100% of their Biomedical Science research recognised as world leading or internationally excellent. (REF 2014). Find out more

Many of our courses afford flexibility in the choice of specialisms and all provide the opportunity for a year-long work placement, giving our students valuable experience beyond the academy and enhancing their learning.

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We investigate pressing problems with societal impact. Our research influences patient care, health outcomes, public policy-making, public engagement with science and research, product development and food safety and authenticity.

To have an effect, cooperation is essential. Our academics have engaged in collaborative research with partners in industry (including spin-off activities) and with public sector and UK government agencies including:

Placement partners
Our wide range of placement partners also illustrates the value of collaborations to our teaching. Our undergraduate students can be found undertaking placements in:

  • NHS hospitals (e.g., Leicester Royal Infirmary, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital)
  • bioscience companies (e.g., GlaxoSmithKline, Qiagen); and
  • research institutions (e.g., Kings College London, Anthony Nolan Cell Therapy Centre).


Members of the biosciences team undertake applied and fundamental research in areas of strategic importance in the biomedical, biological and environmental sciences. At our disposal are world class analytical, molecular and cell culture facilities. The multiplicity of research interests within the team and our relaxed atmosphere breeds and sustains interdisciplinary work internally, nationally and internationally.

We are very proud to have the impact of 100% of our Biomedical Science research recognised as world leading or internationally excellent. (REF 2014).

For an in-depth look at our research specialisms please examine the pages of our research groups:

  • Bioinformatics and Biomathematics
  • Cell Biology, Pathology and Ageing
  • Neurobiology, Toxicology and Pharmacology
  • Pathogen Research
  • Tumour Biology
  • Proteomics and Genomics.

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In the biosciences team we strive for academic excellence. Our relaxed atmosphere and pleasant location on NTU’s Clifton Campus facilitates student learning and academic collaboration as people meet regularly to discuss problems and enthusiasms. As a result, the biosciences team is, at once, widely interdisciplinary and strongly cohesive. This environment also prepares our students well for careers in industry and academia and we continue to develop and welcome collaborations from universities and commercial organisations.