Services we provide

Providing a range of testing solutions for retailers, suppliers and regulatory bodies, we can check for mislabeling and food fraud and help support the marketing of legitimate labelling claims. Thus our tests contribute to maintaining brand protection and help to provide confidence in supply chains. 

We have developed an innovative suite of testing methods for the detection, identification and semi-quantification of ingredients in food products, notably offal and waste blood products (serum). 

Analyses available include: 

  • Offal: type (heart, liver, kidney, lung), quantity and species
  • Added blood serum in raw meat product
  • Customised research and development to solve food authenticity challenges 

Using a range of proteomic methods we detect, identify and semi-quantify protein biomarkers. We are experts in immunoassays (including ELISAs, dot blotting and Western blotting), 1D- and 2D-gel electrophotesis and the use of mass spectrometry for protein identification and speciation. Some of our tests have recently been streamlined using the Protein Simple WES systems. 

FARAS Laboratory
FARAS Laboratory
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