Food Authenticity Research and Services

About us

The nature of food production is subject to complex supply chains and leaves businesses vulnerable to potential food fraud. In today's highly competitive economy, brand integrity is essential for maintaining market share and customer loyalty. Mislabeling, whether it be accidental or deliberate, poses a real risk to business reputation. 

In the EU, meat is defined as skeletal muscle - the presence of offal and undeclared blood is not permitted unless the type and species are declared on the label. 

Based at Nottingham Trent University, FARAS offers a unique service to address food mislabeling and adulteration, focusing on the use of proteomic rather than DNA-based approaches. 

We have established methods to detect and identify protein adulterants, specialising in the detection and specification of offal and added blood serum in meat production. 


  • contributes to food fraud prevention 
  • supports compliance with food labelling regulations
  • assists with brand protection
  • is the sole provider of an offal detection service


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