Many Nottingham Trent University academic staff undertake consultancy for businesses and the professions, both in the UK and internationally. They engage in a wide range of projects and sit at the forefront of industry developments and knowledge, making their understanding and experience invaluable to your organisation.

By pairing your business with the right academic, we can help you to:

  • identify, implement and develop the most appropriate business systems
  • change your strategic direction
  • recognise and pursue new opportunities
  • improve your business operations
  • strengthen your policies and procedures
  • assist with legal compliance
  • establish a presence in a new market
  • understand your customers or your competitors
  • rebrand and develop your marketing strategy
  • evaluate the impact of your current policies.

Take a look at our case studies to find out how we have helped other businesses.

Also, see our specialist consultancy services within different subject areas:

We can work with you as part of a short-term consultancy agreement or part of an ongoing project. We can also help your business with grant-funded programmes.

Want to know how we could help your business? Contact Jade Martyn for more information about our consultancy offer.



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