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Capturing grants to help you innovate

Do you want your business to:

  • develop cutting-edge technology?
  • commercialise a new idea?
  • take a change of direction?
  • find an innovative solution to a problem?

Nottingham Trent University's Research Grant Capture Team offer expertise to help you develop your ideas or tackle problems in an innovative way. We provide expert advice and support for those applying for funding from:

  • the European Union.
  • Innovate UK.
  • charities and trusts.

Together we will:

  • identify the technology required to make your idea successful
  • link your idea to a funding opportunity
  • put together the partnership that takes your idea to market
  • assist with proposal applications for funding.

If you have a technology-based project which can demonstrate the potential for a high level of innovation, impact and challenge then there is a potential funding opportunity waiting for you at regional, national or European level.

To discuss how we can help your comapny to innovate, contact us by email




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