BioCity provides homes and access to high-end equipment, shared services, training, business support, and access to investment for new and growing bioscience businesses.

It was founded in 2002 when a major pharma research facility in Nottingham closed and the site was gifted to Nottingham Trent University. Together with the University of Nottingham, we seized the opportunity to use this location to create a new and vibrant life sciences sector in the city. The primary objective was to stimulate growth of the local life science sector by creating the best possible environment for research commercialisation, company formation, funding, and growth.

Our first priority was to ensure a pipeline of investment to develop suitable premises for the evolving needs of a wide spectrum of life sciences SMEs. This was secured from a variety of regional development innovation funding sources.

The BioCity 'ecosystem' helps create, germinate, incubate, and grow businesses. Professional services companies with direct relevance to the sector were recruited, and the facility was promoted to existing or aspiring bio-entrepreneurs both regionally and nationally.

Now self-sustaining, BioCity generates income from the provision of facilities and services to the companies it works with. It is the largest life science incubator in the UK supporting over 250 companies. There is a 91% survival rate of companies over 12 years. Currently 650 people are employed in companies on site, with over 1,000 jobs created in total. Over £50m of private investment has been raised by companies at BioCity. In addition, three spin off sites have been developed across the UK.

Nottingham City Council, the County Council, and the D2N2 Local Economic Partnership, have all benefitted from the developing business sector and the attraction that it brings by way of inward investment, jobs created and economic growth and prosperity. Relationships have also been built with other regional universities to attract spin-off companies and collaborations with companies such as AstraZeneca and Alliance Boots.

Both Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham also benefit, through the opportunities provided for student projects, life science company insights, internships, placements, and employment opportunities provided for graduates.

Find out more on the BioCity website.

External photo of the BioCity building in Nottingham.