Technical facilities

At Nottingham Trent University we have the technical facilities and expertise to put your business ahead of the game.

person in lab with pipette
Food Authenticity Research and Services
Recognised by the government as a UK Centre of Expertise for food authenticity testing, the team has developed unique and innovative testing methods to monitor food mislabelling and fraud. We provide a range of reliable testing solutions for retailers, suppliers and regulatory bodies. Telephone +44 (0)115 848 3568 or email us to find out more.
creative and virtual technologies research lab
Creative and Virtual Technologies Research Lab
The Creative and Virtual Technologies Research Lab is a place for architects, artists, designers, engineers and computer scientists to collaborate. The aim is to create new techniques and models to enhance the quality of products in a sustainable way. Telephone +44 (0)115 848 2313 or email the team for further information.
someone looking at image of horse and rider on screen
Equestrian Centre
Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre consists of extensive and unique facilities including international size indoor and outdoor riding arenas, a horse walker, round pen, and crew yards. Companies use our Equestrian Centre and pony clubs for competitions, training, and riding lessons. Contact Zoe Cobb for further information or to make a booking.
Veterinary Nursing Centre
Veterinary Nursing Centre
Our approved RCVS training and examination centre is available for hosting training, conferences and practical experience for the veterinary industry. Linked to our Animal Unit, we can simulate many areas of practice including handling of exotic species. For further information, telephone +44 (0)115 848 2351 or email Adam Keenan.
people working in glasshouse
Horticulture glasshouse complex
Our extensive network of glasshouses and polytunnels at Brackenhurst Campus are available for horticulture trials during the year. We have industry-standard environmental controls and an experienced team of technicians and research academics on site. For further information, telephone +44 (0)115 848 2351 or email Adam Keenan.
people in white csi overalls taking notes
Crime Scene House
This facility is used by local constabularies and emergency services to develop their crime scene security, and for training programmes in the collection and preservation of evidence. Contact Emma Rixon for further information or to make a booking.
someone on exercise bike with oxygen mask on
Environmental Chamber
You will find this facility ideal if your products require testing in extreme conditions or you have people needing to acclimatise to a foreign environment including elite or Olympic athletes. Contact Mary Nevill for further information or to make a booking.
someone looking through microscope
Imaging and Displays Research
Contact Demosthenes Koutsogeorgisto find out about our laser processing and surface metrology.
Runner on track
Performance Analysis Suite / Biomechanics Laboratory
This is used by elite athletes, sporting organisations, companies and other professionals for product testing, physiotherapy, and the analysis of biomechanics. Contact Mary Nevill for further information or to make a booking.
Trant Astronomical Observatory
Trent Astronomical Observatory
This is used by stargazers, societies, schools and interest groups. Contact Christian Beardah for further information or to make a booking.
Fabric image
Product Development and Prototyping for Design Professionals
Realise a product from concept to reality by employing the skills of our staff and engaging with our industry-standard equipment that includes 3D printing, laser and waterjet cutting, knit technology, digital embroidery, and much more. Check out our resources for product designers and creative practitioners. Telephone +44 (0)115 848 2373 or email Steve Whalley to find out how we can help your business.
Future Factory Research and Consultancy Centre
The centre brings together multidisciplinary expertise and state of the art equipment into one creative environment. The facility is to designed to support businesses and organisations in working with the University on collaborative projects around smart design, manufacturing and innovative technologies. For more information about business collaboration with the University in these areas contact Chris Davison.
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