The Santander programme provides financial support for UK-based businesses, social enterprises, charities and small and medium enterprises to employ final year students and recent graduates for eight weeks. SMEs must pay the graduate the living wage of £7.50 per hour and the graduate must work 35 hours per week. This equates to £2,400 for the 8-week internship. Santander will contribute £1200 towards this.

Who is eligible for the Santander / NTU grant?

Your company is eligible for this funding if it meets our small to medium business criteria:

  • less than 250 employees
  • a turnover of less than £50M
  • not wholly owned by a large parent group. 

To apply as a company

You can apply in three easy steps.

1. Email the completed application form to the NTU Santander Team . Our team will advertise to graduates on the NTU FutureHub site. This is where all of our vacancies are promoted. We also promote vacancies through social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure our graduates have access to all opportunities.

2. Applications will normally be directed straight to your organisation, but NTU can help with applications if you choose. It is then your responsibility to select, interview and recruit.

Once you have decided on a suitable NTU graduate, you will email us the graduate's name, contact details and start date. 

3. Companies can make a grant claim once the intern has been paid £2400 by the company. Invoices should be sent to us via email. As this is a grant payment, VAT should not be applied to the invoice. You will also need to send evidence that the Intern has been paid, such as evidencing a payslip. The company is also responsible for National Insurance and tax, as the Intern will be employed by your company for the internship period.

There is no obligation to continue to employ the graduate following the three-month internship period. However, our track record for NTU graduate retention is great. Over 65% of our graduates remain with the company after the three-month period.

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