The Division of Sociology is part of the School of Social Sciences and offers undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses in the areas of:

  • sociology
  • criminology
  • public health

These subject areas are all concerned with thinking critically about the social world in which we live and supporting and protecting people and the environment across and within complex and diverse contexts. Within our learning and teaching culture, staff are actively involved in knowledge creation, application and transfer.

The division brings together a team of sociologists and criminologists from a range of academic and practice backgrounds. The team strives for excellence in both teaching and research, maintaining close working links with a variety of organisations including criminal justice agencies.

Research in Sociology is policy orientated and the area of policy studies provides opportunities for students on a range of courses to take modules in the field, including social policy. The purpose of these modules is to prepare students whose aspirations lie more in the areas of management, policy making or research for careers in the public services.

The Information and Communication Unit (ICU) is located within the Division of Sociology. ICU staff have a range of specialisms including enhancing teaching and learning, online research, educational technology and research methodology. ICU staff teach on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses within and beyond the division as well as engaging in academic research and consultancy.

The division is also home to the Nottingham Crime Research Unit and the Nottingham Centre for the Study and Reduction of Hate Crimes, Bias and Prejudice.

The division regularly invites renowned industry experts and professionals to the University to provide an insight into their specialist knowledge and experiences. Past speakers have included Superintendent Paul Giannasi, Programme Manager of the Cross-Governmental Hate Crime Strategy and Len Jackson, OBE Interim Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

To view Len Jackson, OBE's guest lecture entitled 'Public Confidence in Policing in the 21st Century' please visit our video gallery.

Within public health, by adopting a multidisciplinary approach, we improve practice and employability. The team has strong links across a diverse range of sectors, organisations and agencies and our activities span various settings. Importantly, staff are qualified, experienced and professionally active in their respective fields.

The division also contributes towards the Graduate School's postgraduate courses, supervising MSc or PhD projects in various areas of sociology, social policy and criminology.

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Dr Jason Pandya-Wood
Head of Division
Division of Sociology
School of Social Sciences