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What can I do with a degree in Criminology?

A criminology degree provides you with a range of skills that will ensure that you are well placed to pursue a successful career in the Police, Prison or Probation services as well as a range of careers outside the criminal justice system. Further study or qualifications may be required for some of these roles. 

Jobs and the activities directly related to a criminology degree include:

Police officer

  • working in partnership with communities, liaising with community groups and individuals
  • conducting patrol duties and providing a visible presence to deter crime
  • conducting initial investigations, gathering evidence and taking statements.

Probation officer

  • working to help local crime reduction and community safety
  • managing premises which provide accommodation for people on probation or offenders on parole
  • attending court, sometimes to testify about written recommendations in reports.

There are other career opportunities available for criminology graduates including careers in local community safety initiatives, drug projects or other welfare contexts including adult guidance workers and housing officers.