How can I get it?

The information on this page is for full-time UK 'home' undergraduate students, who are funding by Student Finance England. If you are funded by Student Finance Wales, Student Finance NI or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, please contact us for advice.

When do I reapply?

If you are an eligible full-time home undergraduate student, reapply now for your 2017/18 student finance. You can do this online via your National Student Finance Service:

We strongly recommend that you reapply before the end of June 2017 to ensure that your funding arrives before the start of the next academic year. Whilst applying after June may not affect eligibility, it can significantly delay your funding being assessed. This may mean that your funding does not arrive until after the start of the academic year. 

How do I reapply?

The fastest way to reapply for your funding is online, through your Student Finance account. Alternatively, you can download, print and send a paper application. How to reapply will depend on your personal circumstances: 

  • Students applying for student finance which depends on their household income (i.e. depends on their parents' income or their partners' income) should reapply online for their student finance as usual.
  • Students who last year applied for student finance which did not depend on their household income, and who wish to be assessed for the same non-means-tested student finance this year, will be sent a Student Finance Entitlement letter which includes a declaration form to sign and return. If you were not non-means-tested last year and will not need to be this year, your funding will be processed automatically and you should wait to hear from Student Finance England.
  • Reapply online, if your student finance was non-means-tested last year, but you would like to submit an application based on your household income this year.

The University needs confirmation of how your tuition fees are being paid before you can become fully enrolled. Please note that you must declare the correct tuition fee for 2017/18.

If you apply for your student finance online through Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance NI, you must post your signed declaration form back before your funding can be released to you.

When will I get my money?

You will get your student loan and / or grant after you fully enrol on to your course at the start of term. Your money will arrive in your bank account two to three days after the University sends your national Student Finance service confirmation of your re-enrolment. Log in to your student finance account and select View Payments to see when your loans and grants are due.

How and when will my tuition fees be paid?

Your student loan for your tuition fees, if you are eligible and have applied for one, will be paid direct to your university in three instalments. The amount of tuition fee loan paid to the University in each instalment coincides with your tuition fee liability in each term:

  • October - 25% of your year's tuition fee
  • January - 25% of your year's tuition fee
  • April - 50% of your year's tuition fee

When will I get my bursary?

For students who joined NTU on or after 1 September 2015 or before 1 September 2012, your eligibility for an NTU bursary will be assessed automatically. This is provided that you (and your sponsors if applicable) don't tick the box to opt out of sharing financial information with NTU for bursary purposes when signing the declaration on the application form for support. See the NTU Undergraduate Bursaries page for full details.

Do I need to re-apply for my Scholarship?

These arrangements apply only to students who joined NTU between 1 September 2012 and 1 September 2015. If you were awarded a NTU or National Scholarship, you will have received written confirmation from the University. See the Scholarships page for full details.

Further advice

You can contact us on +44 (0)115 848 2494 or via email if you have any student finance questions.