National Scholarship

Please note - these arrangements apply only to current students who joined NTU after 1 September 2012 and before 1 September 2015. If you joined NTU after 1 September 2015, further information is available on our Bursaries and Scholarships pages. 

National scholarships

National Scholarships are allocated in the first year of study only. A student who is assessed as not being eligible to receive a National Scholarship in the first year will not be eligible to receive a National Scholarship in any subsequent year of study, irrespective of any subsequent change in circumstances.

If you were awarded a National Scholarship, you will have been sent written confirmation from the University. 

National scholarship arrangements for continuing students

If you are in receipt of a national scholarship, you will receive written confirmation to confirm the scholarship arrangements that will apply to you in future years.  To ensure your Tuition Fee loan is assessed correctly, please declare your full tuition fee when you reapply for your student finance. We will then apply the fee reduction and your tuition fee loan will be reduced accordingly.  Once your fee reduction has been processed, you will receive a letter from your national Student Finance Service.

Read the full National Scholarship terms and conditions.

Further advice

Should you have any further questions, please email the Student Financial Support Service.