Health & wellbeing

Need help?

If personal, emotional or mental health difficulties are impacting on your studies and university experience, please use the links below to access support. 

Please note that we are not an emergency service. If you or the person you are concerned about are experiencing ongoing suicidal feelings, self-harming or major mental health conditions or are physically unwell and /or need urgent help, please see your GP; visit Nottingham NHS Urgent Care Centre; call 111; visit Accident and Emergency; or call an ambulance using 999, depending on the urgency, prior to applying to this service.

Online support - SilverCloud

Have you begun to feel anxious or low recently?

Please try Silvercloud, our online system designed specifically to help you if you are experiencing anxiety; depression; stress or eating issues.

I want help I am worried about someone else

Struggling at university?

Can't cope? Stopped coming in? Behind with your studies? Thinking of leaving? Homesick? Can't get motivated? Can't face work? Lost a loved one? Can't get over an ex?

Mental health worries?

Diagnosed mental health condition? Been worried about your mental health for more than a few months?

Problems with others?

In a controlling relationship? Bullied? Trolled? Being harmed or threatened? A victim of crime? Sexual Assault? Rape?

Worried about behaviours or habits?

Gambling? Alcohol? Drugs?

Need to talk about your identity?

Gender? Transgender? Sexual identity? Lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Race? Ethnicity? Disability? Religion?

Want advice about pregnancy and your studies?


Are you are final year student?

If you are a final year student and feel that your academic performance has been affected by illness or other exceptional circumstances, please urgently contact your tutors and submit a Notification of Exceptional Circumstances (NEC). You can also contact the Student Union Advice and Information Service.

Call us

If you would like to speak to a member of our team please call us on +44 (0)115 848 6880.

Please note, if you need to leave a message, we will respond within a working day.
If your concern is urgent, please follow the guidance in the 'Need help?' section at the top of this page.