Health & wellbeing

Advice and support during NTU vacation and closure periods

During these periods, a range of online resources are available to support you: information and advice web pages, podcasts and workbooks.

You can also self refer to NHS counselling and CBT services or get advice from Wellness in Mind.

For urgent support, please contact an NHS Urgent Care Centre or call 999.

Need help?

If your concerns are about your studies, please talk to your tutor or access the support available in your school.

Have you begun to feel anxious or low recently?

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, stressed or having issues with your body image or eating?

Then please try SilverCloud.

SilverCloud is our online system designed to help with a range of mental health issues. The content is motivational, easy to use, interactive and relevant to students. It can be especially helpful if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress or eating issues.

Online support - SilverCloud

If you need further support with personal, emotional or mental health difficulties or issues which are impacting on your studies and university experience, please use the links below to access support.

I need advice I am worried about someone else

Information and advice

Information and advice is available to help if you're having these kinds of issues:

Struggling at university?
Can't cope? Stopped coming in? Behind with your studies? Thinking of leaving? Homesick? Can't get motivated? Can't face work? Lost a loved one? Can't get over an ex?

Mental health worries?
Diagnosed mental health condition? Been worried about your mental health for more than a few months?

Problems with others?
In a controlling relationship? Bullied? Trolled? Being harmed or threatened? A victim of crime? Sexual Assault? Rape?

Worried about behaviours or habits?
Gambling? Alcohol? Drugs?

Need to talk about your identity?
Gender? Transgender? Sexual identity? Lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Race? Ethnicity? Disability? Religion?

Want advice about pregnancy and your studies?

Support available in your school

If life events are having a negative impact on your studies, you can access school based support.

Issues may include bereavement, pregnancy or being a victim of crime. We can also offer you support if you're thinking of leaving your course.

We offer brief advice and ongoing support and we can liaise with your course team at your request. You can request an appointment with a Student Support Adviser from your tutor, course leader or course administrator, or you can email us.

Contact us

See above for options, or to access wellbeing services complete the ‘I need advice’ or ‘I’m worried about someone’ application forms.

If you or the person you are concerned about require immediate support for mental or physical health issues, then, depending on the urgency, please see your GP, visit your local NHS Urgent Care Centre, call 111, visit Accident and Emergency, or call an ambulance using 999, prior to applying to this service.