Mental health support

Mental Health Support Team

If you are worried about your mental health or have a mental health condition which affects your studies we may be able to help.
The Mental Health Support Team aim to remove barriers to study for students with mental health difficulties.

We work with individual students on areas such as:

  • Anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties
  • concentration and memory difficulties
  • motivation
  • organisation and time management.

We can also:

  • help you explain your needs to your tutor
  • recommend alternative arrangements for examinations and other assessments
  • assist you in planning a realistic way to study and formulating plans that structure the approach to the work
  • advise on maintaining a healthy balance of other elements in life
  • liaise with Student Financial Services regarding funding issues
  • support students in applying for the Disability Student Allowance (DSA) which funds one to one support, and in some cases IT equipment and books.

Want help?

You may find the information on the UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisers Network) web site useful. Please also see our self-help section for useful information.

Emergency help

If you can't wait for an appointment, please consider the following options depending on the urgency of your situation:


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Collection of words relating to mental health and counselling
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Students chatting
A student chatting with a counsellor