Making your application

You will need to make your visa application online and then attend an appointment in person, this may be in a different country to where you normally live. At the appointment, you will need to enrol your fingerprints and facial image (known as biometric information). You may be required to attend a "credibility interview" which will last approximately five minutes and you will be asked questions about your course, where you will be studying, your reasons for choosing this course, your funding arrangements and future plans after completing the course.

To find out more about the visa application process in your country, including how to apply and the location of visa application centres, please visit the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website

We recommend that you use our detailed guide PDF icon for help and support with completing the Tier 4 overseas online application.

When should I apply for my Tier 4 visa from overseas?
You can make your Tier 4 visa application a maximum of three months before your course start date. The earliest your visa can start is one month before your course start date.

You must meet the conditions of your offer and get a CAS number before being able to apply. You must also make sure that you have prepared the relevant documents and meet the maintenance requirement.

In all cases you should ensure that you allow yourself enough time for your visa to be processed and to travel to the UK in advance of your course start date. Visa processing times vary significantly depending on where you apply. We recommend that you check current visa processing times in your country using the UKVISA website.

How much will my application cost?
As of 6 April 2017, the application fee for Tier 4 visa applications made outside the UK will be £335.

Students applying to stay in the UK for six months or more will be required to pay the "immigration health surcharge" in addition to the application fee. The fee is calculated according to the length of visa you are applying for, including extra time at the end of your course.

Please see our guidance note PDF icon for further information how visa application fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

If you have any further queries about this, please contact us.

UK Visa application from India
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