CAS information

What is a CAS number?

A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number is a unique reference number issued by the University which acts as confirmation that a student has been unconditionally accepted on to a course at NTU. CAS numbers contain information about a student's personal details, current passport, course of study and any payments made towards tuition fees.

CAS numbers are an essential component of a Tier 4 visa application and are valid for six months from the date they are issued.

Who needs a CAS number?

All non-EU / EEA students who are required to apply for a Tier 4 visa in order to study at NTU need a CAS number.

CAS numbers can only be used once. If you have been issued with a CAS which you have used for a previous application, you will need a new CAS for each future application.

How do I get a CAS number?

If you haven't started your course yet, your CAS will be produced by the University's Admissions Team. If you have any queries about this, you should contact them by email or telephone (+44 (0) 115 8484200).

Students progressing from NTIC to NTU can email NTIC CAS Enquiries with any questions about their CAS.

If you are a continuing student and you need to extend your visa in order to complete your current course, the International Student Support Service will produce your CAS. Please read our guidance note PDF icon and then contact us to request your CAS.

Doctorate Extension Scheme

PhD candidates wishing to apply for the Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES) should contact us three months before they are due to submit their final thesis.