Tier 4 responsibilities

Tier 4 responsibilities

Your CAS will be provided to you in accordance with the UK Government regulations for universities recruiting international students. Further information is available from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website.

By accepting your course offer you are accepting these terms and conditions.

If you use the CAS to apply for a Tier 4 student visa, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) will be your immigration sponsor for the duration of that visa. Both NTU, as the sponsor, and you, as the student, have responsibilities to meet. These responsibilities can be found below.

Your responsibilities

Before enrolment:

  • You must tell the University, immediately, if you decide that you no longer wish to study with us, if you want to change course, or if you want to defer your studies.
  • You must tell NTU immediately if your visa application is refused, for any reason, and provide the refusal notice.
  • You must tell NTU if you are going to be delayed and cannot start your course by the latest course start date as shown on your CAS.
  • If you need to contact us about any of these things, please email Admissions.

During enrolment:

  • As part of enrolment, you must provide NTU with a copy of your current, valid passport and visa. Your visa will either be a sticker in your passport or a Biometric Residence Permit issued by UKVI. Your visa must be valid for studies at NTU.
  • If you are in the process of making a visa application and are unable to provide copies of your passport and visa, you must provide documentation to show that an application has been made. This could be either a letter from UKVI, a post office proof of posting receipt for your supporting documents or a copy of the cover sheet from your online visa application. NTU will contact you at regular intervals to ask for updates on the progress of your application. You must respond to these emails.
  • If you need an ATAS certificate for your course you must show it to NTU during enrolment so we can take a copy.
  • You must fully complete your enrolment within ten working days of your course start date.

Please note: UKVI are implementing a change to the visa system. If you have made your visa application overseas you will be required to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from either a post office or the university dependant on where you asked for the visa to be sent.

You will have only ten days after landing in the UK to collect your visa and you cannot complete your enrolment without it. Please ensure that when you go to pick your visa up that you have your passport and the decision letter given to you by the Entry Clearance Office at the British Embassy or Consulate. Further information can be found on our Arrival in the UK page.

Throughout your studies:

  • You should make all relevant tuition fee payments and / or provide NTU with details of any sponsorship you may be receiving.
  • You should keep your contact details up to date at all times, including your UK term-time address, out of term-time address (if different from your term-time address), personal email address, and personal UK telephone numbers. Once you have enrolled, you can check and update these details online using the 'Update your details' link.
  • If you are absent from University, for any reason, you must talk to your Subject Administrator as soon as possible. Any extended absence may result in the University being unable to continue as your Tier 4 sponsor and your enrolment may be withdrawn.
  • If your permission to stay in the UK expires during your studies at NTU, you must make an in-time, valid application to extend your visa. You will need to keep NTU updated on the progress of your application.
  • You must not breach the conditions of your visa. Generally, this means that you must register with the police (if required), you must not work more hours than allowed, you must study full-time, you must not claim public funds, and you must either leave the UK or make a valid visa application before the expiry date of your current visa.
  • You accept that NTU cannot be held responsible if you fail or need to repeat any part of your course due to starting the course late.
  • You accept that your studies are subject to the Tier 4 rules relating to academic progression and the UKVI’s three and five year study cap. NTU cannot be held responsible if you cannot complete your course within these time limits.
  • You must report any changes in your circumstances (including change of address) to UKVI. Further information how to do this is available on the UKVI website.
  • You must abide by all other NTU enrolment conditions.

Nottingham Trent University's responsibilities

As your Tier 4 sponsor, we are legally obliged to fulfil a number of duties that include, as previously mentioned, keeping a record of your contact details, recording your attendance, and keeping copies of your visa documents.

We also have a requirement to report information to UKVI for all students who have been issued a CAS by NTU. Please note that we will tell the UKVI about students who:

  • defer, postpone or take a break from their studies
  • do not start their course and have not agreed a deferred start date with NTU
  • do not complete enrolment
  • do not meet the University attendance requirements
  • change to a shorter course, change to a part-time course, or finish their studies early
  • leave NTU without completing their course
  • breach the conditions of their visa.

UKVI can bring your permission to stay in the UK to an end early if it is notified of any of these things.

It is important that you keep in contact with NTU throughout the application and enrolment process. If you are having any difficulties that will affect your ability to arrive at the University in time for your course start date, please inform Admissions immediately.

Issuing a CAS and reporting information to UKVI is at the discretion of Nottingham Trent University. All decisions made will be made in accordance with the Home Office Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance and the Immigration Rules.

While the University will provide advice and assistance, students are directly responsible for ensuring that they comply with their Tier 4 student visa conditions.

Further information

Further immigration information and advice is available from the International Student Support Service (ISSS).

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) also has a range of useful guidance notes for international students including advice on protecting your Tier 4 immigration status.

The information contained in these Terms and Conditions is correct as of the 1 June 2015 and is subject to change in line with alterations to the immigration rules.