Working during your studies

Most international students in the UK have immigration permission which allows them to do some work during their studies. Working part-time enables you to earn some extra money and to learn about British working life. It can also be a great addition to your CV, but you must make sure that you understand and comply with the restrictions which apply to you.

The UKCISA guidance on Working during your studies includes detailed information about work entitlements for International students. You may also wish to read our guidance note for more information about working in the UK PDF icon .

Finding a part-time job

You can find out about local job vacancies in the Nottingham Post (a local newspaper), at the Jobcentre plus, or by contacting local employment agencies. Students also find jobs by asking possible employers, or looking out for adverts in shop windows.

N.B. NTIC students should contact their admissions department for further information on visas as permission to work differs from that of NTU students.