Sustainability in Practice

The Sustainability in Practice (SiP) Certificate

This free, flexible, online course explores sustainability issues from a personal and course perspective. There are three themes available (Food, Energy and Clothing) and students will get the chance to share their own thoughts on sustainability in their subject area and to engage with others, all without having to attend any lectures or seminars. This optional course is designed to increase employability and contribute to students' sustainability literacy. It was also nominated for a Green Gown Award in 2014.

Upon successful completion of this course, students are given a certificate of achievement, highlighting sustainability knowledge to potential employers. For undergraduate students the certificate will be shown on their HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record). Successful entrants also have the chance to win restaurant vouchers for the final project, as well as the opportunity to attend our awards ceremony in May.

Follow this link to view the Sustainability in Practice Certificate 2017/18. Please note that you will need your NTU login.

Here are some thoughts from those who completed the certificate:

  • "It was amazing to see how a simple food menu was used to illustrate sustainability and broaden my knowledge in a variety of subject areas. This assisted me to think outside the box."
  • "The certificate is unique as it systematically created an idea of how my course links to my environment. I encourage all students to partake in it next time."

SiP Challenge Day

Complete the SiP certificate in just one day by attending one of our popular Sustainability in Practice Challenge Days. This is a chance to complete the certificate, meet students from other courses and get some practical sustainability experiences. Visit the Sustainability Events to find out more or contact

Recently the SiP Challenge Day was a finalist in the Learning & Skills category at the 2017 Green Gown Awards

More information about the SiP Certificate can be found here:

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This paper gives an overview of the Sustainability in Practice (SiP) Certificate, an online module designed to develop students' sustainability literacy. The certificate focuses on finding multi-disciplinary, collaborative solutions to current and future sustainability issues and encourage participants to reflect on systems-thinking, global citizenship and peer-to-peer learning. 

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This chapter describes the starting point for NTU's ESD work and the initial development of the Sustainability in Practice certificate. The challenges of embedding sustainability across all courses at the university is described as well as the opportunities to create change. 

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This chapter describes how NTU has addressed sustainability in the formal and informal curriculum by focussing on the topic of food in student and staff engagement. The chapter focuses on the development of the Sustainability in Practice certificate, as well as the general work to create sustainability literate graduates.


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