Writing Technologies

Vol. 1.1 May 07    ISSN 1754-9035

Welcome to Writing Technologies.  In this first issue of the journal members of the Editorial Board respond to an introduction to writing and technology studies by the General Editors, and discuss how issues in the field bear upon their own areas of expertise.  In subsequent issues we will publish peer-reviewed papers representing exciting research about literature and technology.  There will be one themed and one open issue each year.

Dr Philip Leonard & Dr Daniel Cordle
General Editors, Writing Technologies


Introductions I and II: Writing and Technologies
Daniel Cordle and Philip Leonard   
On Being Written by Technology
Tim Armstrong
Declaration of Ink Dependence
Neil Badmington
In Search of a Technological Criticism
James Brown
Against Textual Idealism
Rob Latham
Postphonetic Writing and New Media
Lydia H. Liu
Not Coding, But Writing
Simon Mills
Écrire - La Technologie: A View from France
Douglas Morrey
Hard Drives…?
Julian Murphet
The Digital Glocalized
Pramod Nayar
The Conceptions and Misconceptions of Writing Technologies
Tatiani G. Rapatzikou
Technology and the Cultural Location of Japan
Kumiko Sato
Writing Technologies in the Renaissance
Jonathan Sawday
The Pixels are on the Interface, But What Do They Mean?
Will Slocombe