Centre for Academic Development and Quality (CADQ)

The Centre for Academic Development and Quality is comprised of four distinct but interlinking service areas. These areas are focussed around eLearning development, educational development, and quality management. A brief outline of each area is given below. Further information on individual staff members can be found in the contact us section.

elearning Development
Providing advice and production services to support the creation of online courses and digital materials, for hybrid (blended) and distance learning. Support includes: NOW course design and build; audio and video production; elearning short course and digital learning resources and online assessment For more information on our services please see the Elearning production services flyer.PDF icon

Educational Development
Supporting the development of learning and teaching, including embedding and evaluating initiatives; creating evidence-based resources; and providing general and bespoke support on learning, teaching and assessment.

Quality Management
Provision of specialist advice and guidance on the quality management of academic courses (UK and overseas). Supporting schools and course teams, University governance, and promoting academic development.


The Centre for Academic Development and Quality also hosts the Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT).



staff in workshop