In this section you will find templates and guidance about the business evaluation process for new collaborative arrangements and for periodic collaborative review. This process is undertaken prior to commencing the academic approval or review process.

Business evaluation for international collaborations and partnerships is coordinated by NTU Global. For further information please contact NTU Global.

See the Validation Service Business Evaluation Process PDF icon for further information on the process for UK collaborations and partnerships.

Initial proposal

Prior to completing business evaluation for new provision you will need to obtain approval of your initial proposal from the College and University. Please complete the initial proposal template Word icon and submit via email to CADQ.

An initial proposal is not required for periodic collaborative review.

Business evaluation

Once your initial proposal has been approved you can commence the business evaluation process.

For Validation Service arrangements, you should complete Section A of the VS business evaluation template Word icon and submit via email to CADQ. The remainder of the template will be completed by the University.

For all other collaborations, the franchise, Word icon distance delivery Word icon or joint delivery Word icon business evaluation template should be completed jointly by the partner and the relevant University School. The completed template should be submitted via email to CADQ.

For partnership arrangements, the partnership business evaluation template Word icon is completed by the relevant School and submitted via email to CADQ.

For periodic collaborative review, the relevant review template for either School Based Word icon or Validation Service Word icon arrangements should be completed and submitted to CADQ by email.

Due diligence and financial evaluation is undertaken by the College Finance and Planning Manager and submitted along with the completed business evaluation template.










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