Nottingham Trent University works in collaboration with a range of organisations.

The University's definition of collaborations and partnerships is based on that used by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and is:

Educational provision leading to a University award, or to a specific credit towards a University award, delivered and / or supported and / or assessed through an arrangement will a partner organisation.

Please see Collaborations for details of the types of collaborations that the University engage with, and Partnerships for the types partnerships.

The Centre for Academic Development and Quality (CADQ) is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality and standards or provision delivered through a collaboration or partnership (UK and international).

International collaborations and partnerships are managed by NTU Global. Contact NTU Global with any queries relating to the management of international collaborations and partnerships and the business evaluation process for working with international partners.

UK collaborations and partnerships are managed by the Collaborations and Partnerships Team within CADQ. Contact the Collaborations and Partnerships team regarding operational matters for UK collaborations and partnerships. Please see roles and responsibilities for specific duties of team members.

The participation of students in accredited exchange programmes at NTU requires the transfer of host institution credits and grades to NTU. The International Credit Transfer and Grade Conversion Guidelines (link to attached doc) sets out the common practices to be adopted by all courses that include accredited exchanges.








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