Centres are able to propose changes to existing courses by completing the Making changes to courses template Word icon

Routine updates

Routine updates can be approved by the Centre. The completed Making changes to courses template, along with the minutes of the approving committee and any updated course documentation, must be submitted to NTU for notification. 

Modifications and major revisions 

More significant changes to courses need to be approved by the University. The Centre submits the completed Making changes to courses template to CADQ for an initial assessment of any potential business implications for the University, and to determine the nature of approval required. Where business implications are identified, a further business evaluation will be required. Modifications are approved by the Validation Service Sub-Committee. Revised course documentation will need to be submitted to CADQ three weeks in advance of the meeting date. Major revisions are approved either by VSSC or by a Development and Approval Group. This decision will be made by the University. Support CADQ is able to advise on the approval process for modifications and major revisions, and to provide iterative feedback on draft documentation. The appointed academic liaison can advise the course team on proposed changes, and should be consulted prior to submission of the revised documentation.