NTU offers an e-Library service for students on business related NTU validated courses. The package offers students:

  • Access to Emerald (a global publisher providing you with the highest quality, peer-reviewed research and a portfolio of over 300 journals) and Business Source Complete (a scholarly full-text business database with nearly 2,300 active full-text journals and magazines, and more than 1,350 active full-text peer reviewed journals) via a dedicated webpage- www.ntu.ac.uk/library/using_the_library/validated_centres
  • Web-based support and guidance documentation
  • Assistance from NTU Helpdesk for technical issues (initial response within 48 hours)

This package cannot be made available to individual students, but can be offered to specific courses within a validation service agreement.

e-Library registration process

Centres taking up the e-Library option should include student email addresses on the registration list. Once registrations have been processed by CADQ, student ID numbers and email addresses will be forwarded to the NTU Library. The NTU Library will create Athens accounts for each student and the account details will be sent directly to them, along with introductory information.

e-Library access for staff involved with validated courses is free. A list of staff requiring access, including name, course, job title and email addresses, should be sent to the Collaborations and Partnerships team and accounts and be generated and details emailed to staff.

An e-Library induction presentation will be provided by NTU, which should be disseminated to students to assist them in navigating the databases.

Associate Reader Membership (walk-in library access)

NTU offers walk-in access to its libraries in the city and at the Clifton site for students on NTU validated courses.

Associate Reader Membership give students:

  • access to the Boots and Clifton Libraries during full-service hours.
  • a borrowing allowance of 4 books at any one time.
  • access to photocopying (black and white or colour) at the same rates as NTU students.
  • use of the Library's Customer Services staff to assist in finding relevant materials;
  • reference access to the current and back runs of all print based journals, magazines and newspapers;
  • access to reservations;
  • an induction (on a cohort by cohort basis) by a member of library staff.

Associate Reader membership will not give students:

  • access to library computers, electronic resources or the wireless network. The licences do not permit access for non NTU students or staff.
  • inter-library loans.
  • access to group study rooms.

Students who take up Associate Reader Membership are subject to the Library's Regulations and Procedures.

In the unlikely event of the loss of library materials nd student default, the Centre will have final responsibility for reimbursing NTU for replacement costs.

Associate Reader Membership registration process

Centres taking up Associate Library Membership should either indicate this on the registration list or provide a separate list of students requiring access, which includes the student's full name, date of birth, course title and email address, CADQ will pass the information on to the NTU Library who will produce library membership cards for each students. When the cards are ready for collection, the Centre will be notified and students will be able to collect their cards when they visit the library. Alternatively, the cards can be sent to the Centre (on a per cohort, rather than individual, basis) for distribution to students.

Associate Reader Membership for staff involved with validated courses is free.  A list of staff requiring access, including name, course, job title and email address should be sent to the Collaborations and Partnerships team. The production and distribution of library cards for staff will follow the same process as for students.