The University grants a non-exclusive licence for Centres to use the University's trademarks solely in relation to marketing documentation and programme materials, provided that approval has been given in writing beforehand.

The process for gaining approval of marketing and publicity material is as follows:

  1. The Centre completes Section A of the marketing approval form and sends to CADQ along with draft copies of the materials.
  2. CADQ carry out visual / editorial checks, complete Section B of the form and return it to the Centre.
  3. Any required amendments are indicated on the form.
  4. Amendments should be made and returned to CADQ.
  5. When material is approved, the form will be signed and dated by a member of the team. A copy of the approved material will be kept on file.

Please note, the turnaround time for approval of marketing materials is one week.

Approval Form for Marketing and Publicity at Validated Centres. Word icon

CADQ also carry out monthly checks of Centres' websites to ensure that the following are correct:

  • Use of NTU logo - approved corporate colours, position and background;
  • Details of the validated programme, i.e. title, mode of study;
  • Reference to the relationship with NTU;
  • Use of 'subject to validation' if necessary.

If any amends are required, Centres will be contacted and requested to make the changes.