Registrations should be submitted to CADQ using the secure portal within 10 weeks of the commencement of the course.  The template below can be used to provide the required details.

Student registrations template Excel icon


After registration lists have been processed, an invoice will be drafted in accordance with the Centre's current Financial Schedule.  The draft invoice showing a breakdown of charges will be emailed to the Centre to verify and agree the final cost.  The confirmed invoice will then be sent from the NTU Finance department.  Invoices should be paid within six weeks of the date of issue.  Please let the team know if invoices should be sent to a particular staff member or department.

Other services and events that Validated Centres are likely to be invoiced for include validation and review events, staff development and NTU staff attendance at award ceremonies.

Withdrawal, interruptions and transfers

Centres should inform CADQ if a student interrupts or withdraws from a NTU validated course for any reason, academic or personal.  This can be by completing the change of enrolment status form PDF icon at the time of the withdrawal, on the conferment list for a fail and withdraw decision made at an examination board, or when sending the registration list. Please use the secure portal to send files containing personal information.

Please identify on the registration list in the comments column if a student transfers from one NTU validated course to another at the beginning of an academic year, or email the team if a student transfers during an academic year.  Please note:  there may be a registration charge for transferring students - see the Centre's Financial Schedule for details.

Conferment of awards and pass/progression lists

Conferment and pass/progression lists should be sent to CADQ using the secure portal within two weeks of examination boards being held.  Centres should use the templates below.

Pass/progression lists should include all registered students and should confirm results at levels and stages that do not constitute the final award e.g. level 4 on a Foundation Degree.

Board of Examiners - Progression list template PDF icon   

It is important that the conferment list includes:

  • the student's full legal name  (as it should appear on the certificate)
  • the classification awarded or the decision where an award is not made (in line with the common assessment regulations for the Centre)
  • the original signatures of the external examiner (s) and the Chair present at the Board of Examiners and the Registrar (or equivalent) of the Validated Centre (photocopied or scanned signatures cannot be accepted).  Should an external examiner be unable to attend the meeting, they should complete the Non-attendance at Board of Examiners form
  • the date of the Board of Examiners
  • the date of the award ceremony

Final Board of Examiners - Conferment of Awards template PDF icon  

External examiner non-attendance at Board of Examiners form Word icon

We would encourage Centres to prepare the conferment and pass/progression lists in advance of the Board and populate the lists with decision as they are made, so that at the end of the meeting the Chair and external examiner can sign the Conferment Statement to confirm their agreement with the outcomes/recommendations made.

The conferment list must be fully completed and signed before NTU can produce certificates.  If certificates are required by a specific date, such as for an award ceremony, when planning, please allow six weeks for us to process conferment lists, deal with any related queries and produce and dispatch certificates.  Centres are asked to inform the team of key dates such as examination board and award ceremonies as soon as they are available.

Chairs action

Decisions made after a Board of Examiners has taken place, for example, following an appeal, referral or a deferral, can be presented to us as a Chairs Action. Please send to CADQ using the secure portal and provide details of the decision and a covering statement and ensure it is signed by the Chair of the Board.

Chairs Action template Word icon