Replacement certificates

The certificate issued by the University is proof of the conferment of an award.  It is a unique and valuable document which should be carefully preserved. Occasionally certificates do get lost or damaged and in these circumstances it is possible to apply for a duplicate certificate.

If the original has been damaged or marked it will need to be returned to the University before a duplicate can be issued. Duplicates have precisely the same standing as the original that they replace. They are produced in the format currently in use and may not be a fax copy of the original.

To apply for a duplicate certificate as a student of a validated partner, firstly email the Collaborations and Partnerships team to request your student ID number and award details. Next, visit the NTU online shop, select Academic Registry from the Product Catalogue and then select Replacement Certificate. You can then choose the delivery method, complete the online form and pay for the replacement certificate. The cost of a replacement certificate is £50. For UK addresses certificates will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery at an additional cost of £7. For overseas addresses certificates will be sent via DHL Courier Service at an additional cost of £20.