Handbook supplements


A. Governance and Approach

Section 1: Academic Quality Governance

Section 2: Enabling student development and achievement 

B. Award Frameworks

Section 3: Undergraduate Awards


C. Assuring and Enhancing Quality

Section 5: Course Development and Approval

Specification templates (and guidance)

Section 6: Monitoring, Review and Reporting

Section 7: Periodic School Review

Section 8: Student Engagement

Section 10: Working with others

Section 10A: Partnerships

Section 10B: School-based collaborative provision

Section 10C: Validation Service collaborative provision

Section 10D: Placement and Work-based Learning

Section 10F: Higher Education Apprenticeships

Section 11: Research Degrees


D. Course Design, Management and Enhancement

Section 12: Course Design

Section 13: Admissions

Section 14: Learning and Teaching

Section 15: Assessment

E. Regulations

Section 16: Common assessment regulations