Starting out: pre-arrival, induction and transition

At NTU, we recognise the importance of students' early engagement with their courses and the wider University. Whilst there are transitions to be made between each level, the differences between the final year in further education and the first year of higher education are usually the most profound and potentially challenging. For all the opportunities for change, it's also one of the times when students are most likely to drop out from their courses.

These sections therefore introduce colleagues to some of the themes associated with learning and teaching during the early stages of a student's life at NTU.

We recommend that all colleagues consider new student induction in the following three phases:

• pre-arrival
• initial induction
• extended induction.

This section of the website has the following sections:

Induction - offers colleagues advice for supporting students through the pre-arrival and the initial and extended inductions.

Transition - offers colleagues some further pointers about the process of student transition through the first year and beyond.

Welcome Week - offers colleagues advice about activities taking place during welcome week.

Group of Student reps during Welcome Week