NTU Student Dashboard

The NTU Student Dashboard is a learning analytics resource for students and relevant staff at NTU. It has been developed to help students engage more effectively with their studies. The dashboard measures students’ interactions with various resources to present an overall picture about each student’s engagement with their course. 

These resources are:

  • use of NOW
  • course work submitted through NOW
  • library use (count of resources used)
  • door swipes (where applicable).
  • attendance
  • e-book usage

Each student then receives an engagement rating from high to very low. These are criterion based and in theory every student could achieve a high engagement rating. We have tested student engagement against student academic outcomes and there is an association between average engagement and both progression from the first year and final year degree attainment. Students with a high average engagement do far better than those with a low average engagement in both progression and attainment. Importantly, having high engagement is a far more powerful predictor of academic success than any background characteristic or entry qualification.

The dashboard has been a collaborative development between academics, IS specialists, educational developers, the Students’ Union other University experts working with an external provider. 

If you have a query about the operation of the dashboard, please contact ITS Service Desk.

Additional Information

More information regarding the Dashboard including User Guides is available in the Technology Central Learning room on NOW.