SCALE-UP teaching rooms

City: Boots 327a, 327b, 328; DICe S104c, S105c, S108; Chaucer 2604

Clifton: CLB104; CTBP04, CTBP05, CTP06; CTBLT2

Developed as an alternative to lecture-heavy teaching, SCALE-UP combines an active mode of learning with a bespoke, technology-rich environment. Lectures are replaced by collaborative problem-solving activities carried out in strategically-assigned groups. To foster collaboration, the redesigned learning environment incorporates circular tables, shared network laptops, whiteboards, and large screens to which student work can be projected and shared. This is supported by an upside-down or flipped pedagogy, where content is encountered outside class, and sessions are devoted to applying ideas.

Originally developed to teach university physics in North Carolina, SCALE-UP is now used in a wide range of disciplines and has demonstrable benefits for student learning, including enhanced problem-solving ability, increased conceptual understanding, and higher attendance and satisfaction rates. View the North Carolina State University film about SCALE-UP.

A range of resources is available to support colleagues who are interested in adopting a SCALE-UP approach. Many elements of SCALE-UP – including enquiry-based tasks, flipped learning, and a strategic approach to student groups and roles – can also work well in general purpose teaching rooms.

View SCALE-UP resources.

SCALE-UP room specifications

For NTU staff doing SCALE-UP there are guides for using the equipment in each SCALE-UP room on our NTU SharePoint site.




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