Information for students

Recorded lectures can be found in the module corresponding learning rooms in NOW. You will need your NTU username and password to log in. Lecture recordings can be found under the My Media Files link, to find the My Media Files link, do the following:

  1. Select the learning room module which the session relates to
  2. Select the 'More' dropdown menu item
  3. Select My Media files at the bottom of the list.

To know whether your lecture is being recorded, please speak to your course leader. If you're having any problems viewing recorded lectures, please contact the IS service desk for help.

It is very important to understand that recorded lectures are not a substitute for attending lectures. You are still expected to attend live lectures - they are more engaging than the recordings and they give you the chance to interact with people on your course.

Lecture capture is to be used for revising after a lecture and potentially in the following instances:

  • to enable you to concentrate better during the lecture and not focus on taking copious notes
  • to repeat and review parts of the lecture you didn't understand or might have missed
  • to catch up when you've missed a lecture legitimately e.g. illness
  • to use as an additional resource for revision and consolidation.

Other points to note

  • not all teaching interactions are recorded. 
  • a lecturer may wish to pause and resume the recording during a session for various reasons.
  • if you wish to ask a question during a recorded lecture and do not wish to be recorded, you can ask for the recording to be paused, or edited out later.
  • downloading and distributing videos is prohibited

You can watch recorded lectures on your PC, laptop, ipad, macbook, etc. if you cannot view recordings on your personal device please contact the IS help desk. The Lecture Capture System allows you to search both texts on the slides and the lectures voiceover allowing you to quickly find specific content and jump to it.

"The lecture recordings are a great help when revising, as it's quite difficult to listen and write at the same time." [NSS, 2017]