Overview of teaching context at NTU

In this section you will find information on the strategic context in which we teach. You will also learn about our student cohort: who they are, why they come to NTU, what they think about their experience and what they do after graduating. 

You can use the following to find out more:

We also provide our colleagues with Resources for pedagogic research. PDF icon  

Inspirational teaching at NTU

The qualities of an inspirational teacher were explored in a consultation with the NTU community and a set of attributes was derived from this discussion. These describe what inspirational teaching means at NTU. The attributes form the criteria for the Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award.

An inspirational teacher:

  • creates memorable, positive learning experiences
  • is a catalyst for change in the student
  • embodies the discipline, practice or profession for the student.

Inspirational teaching at NTU - attributes Word icon

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