Support and resources

The SCALE-UP approach is designed to promote active, enquiry-based learning, and to provide an alternative to traditional lecture-oriented instruction.

SCALE-UP has three essential components:

  • Room design and equipment, including circular tables, to promote collaboration.
  • 'Upside-down' teaching whereby content is encountered outside class and sessions are devoted to applying ideas.
  • Collaborative learning via problem-solving tasks in strategically assigned groups.

Design of teaching materials and activities is key to effective SCALE-UP teaching. The resources on this page are aimed primarily at helping NTU colleagues who are teaching in SCALE-UP rooms to design learning activities which exploit the full potential of the teaching space. In addition to the resources, videos of SCALE-UP colleagues sharing their teaching practices are available in NOW through TIPS (Teaching in Practice Series).

Students working in a room laid out for SCALE-U P teaching