Teaching strategies and techniques

This section includes a range of resources to support teaching, including overviews of the NTU system, increasing interactivity in lectures, teaching sustainability in the curriculum, enhancing the relationship between research and teaching, and avoiding academic misconduct. Links to the Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers (SPUR) scheme are also provided.

Details of the recently held flipped learning symposium (31 March 2014), including a Storify record and presentation slides, can be found on the page.


In 2012-13, NTU introduced SCALE-UP, an enquiry-based learning approach developed by Robert J. Beichner at North Carolina State University. SCALE-UP centres on a highly collaborative, hands-on, technology-rich interactive learning environment for students. For more on SCALE-UP, visit the SCALE-UP web pages.

SPUR (Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers)

The SPUR scheme offers twelve bursaries for NTU students to collaborate with staff on cutting-edge research projects. It provides staff with the opportunity to mentor and receive assistance from an undergraduate student, and enables students to gain research experience and contribute to the production of new knowledge in their field. SPUR projects feed back into the curriculum to benefit the wider student community. In 2018 two additional bursaries are available for research projects related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). For information about SPUR visit the TILT website or email  Catherine Gillam.

TIPS (Teaching In Practice Series)

Tips is a collection of academic development resources to promote and inspire peer-led learning across the University, with an emphasis on active student learning. The resources typically comprise several two- to five-minute videos including interviews, teaching footage, demonstrational screencasts, and presentations on learning, teaching and assessment issues. TIPS is available for NTU colleagues to access through a dedicated learning room in NOW – see the TIPS learning room.



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