The Maltings and Meridian Court Returners Accommodation Request form

Please complete the request form below if you wish to request accommodation in The Maltings or Meridian Court for the 2020/21 academic year.

Accommodation Preference:

We have rooms available at The Maltings and Meridian Court. You can select if you would prefer a 44 week contract or a 51 week contract. 51 week contracts are offered at a lower weekly rate.

Preferred flatmates/Group bookings:

If you want to book individually and not as a group with your friends, then you can leave this section blank. If you wish to book as part of a group then you must include ALL the names of your group. Each member of the group MUST submit their own request form and also list the names of their preferred flatmates. We will use the information submitted on the form to allocate groups.


Data Protection Statement

Information supplied will be used by Nottingham Trent University in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable legislation. The University will use the information to process your request and to provide any relevant further information (for example key facts and details about studying at NTU, additional course literature or related educational services, open days, the application process, fees, accommodation etc.) by post, email, telephone or text. It will also be used to support the University's marketing and market research activities. The University will share your information with the relevant accommodation provider (either UPP or one of the private halls of residence where we have referral arrangements). The University does not share the information you have provided with any other third parties, except research agencies to assist with, or carry out, research and provide statistical information, or service providers who deliver email and text messages on the University's behalf. The University ensures such agencies handle information in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The terms of the University's data protection notification can be viewed on the Information Commissioner's website (link opens in a new window).
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