Accommodation Booking Form

You can check availability and book via our online booking system. If you can't log in, or can't see a suitable available room, please use this webform to request accommodation. This form asks you for your preferences in room types and price so that we can make you a suitable offer. If you’re unsure of which residences fall into the different types/price ranges visit our accommodation webpages to review your options before you press submit.

To help you complete the form please read the following information:

  • You can select up to three types/price ranges of accommodation.
  • If you only have one or two types/price ranges that you would accept, you can select "No other preference – I won't accept an offer that doesn't match my preference" from the drop-down menu. Please note that if you select this option and we cannot match your preferences you won't receive an offer, but we will send you information and advice on finding alternative accommodation.
  • If you would accept any room type/price you can select "Any suitable room – even if it doesn't meet my preference" from the drop-down menu as your second or third preference – you will need to select an option for the first preference to help us understand your budget.
  • We will make you an offer of accommodation relevant to the campus your course is based at. If you have a preference to be based at a different campus, please use the comments box to make us aware of this.
  • You should also use the comments box to let us know anything that might affect the type of accommodation you require – for example, if you have a disability/health condition add details here. By default we will try and match your accommodation to your campus of study – if this is not your preference you should use the comments section to tell us.
  • Make sure you provide an email address that you regularly access.
  • You can only submit one request - read everything carefully before you press submit.
  • If you’re a clearing applicant, make sure you are using the form accessed via the unique link in your clearing course offer email (the form that is linked on our main website might not recognise you just yet).
  • Offers of accommodation will be in one of our NTU Managed Residences, UPP Halls of Residence, or with one of our affiliated accommodation providers.

If you apply to study as a first year undergraduate student with NTU for the full academic year 2022/23, we will guarantee you an offer of accommodation if you make an accommodation application request by Wednesday 31 August 2022. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Data Protection Statement

Nottingham Trent University in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018 and other applicable legislation. The University will use your information to process your request, and to provide you with any relevant further information (for example accommodation availability, fees etc.) by email, telephone, or text. By adding your name to the accommodation waiting list, you consent to the University sharing the information you have provided on this form with the relevant accommodation provider – which could be UPP or a private hall or residence. Further information about how the University uses personal data for admissions purposes can be found on our website: