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Wednesday 19 April 2017

Exam period: Learn how to Stamp Out Stress (SOS)

Stamp Out Stress
Stamp Out Stress

It is normal to find exams and assessments stressful. The Stamp Out Stress (SOS) campaign is designed to help you prepare for and manage your exams.

Stamp Out Stress runs from 19 April - 9 June 2017 and is a collaborative campaign run by NTSU, Student Support Services, NTU Library and NTU Sport. There are weekly SOS programmes which are full of sessions and activities to give you best opportunity to get through your exams and assessments with flying colours. Check out the SOS programmes for the next eight weeks on the Stamp Out Stress web page. 

The programme of events and sessions are specifically designed to help you to prepare, relax and de-stress and will include:

  • opportunities to relax
  • stress busting activities
  • revision workshops
  • online resources.

Here are some of our SOS top tips

  1. Take control - make a plan of what tot study, how to study and when. Preparation is key and can make all the difference.
  2. Take a break and relax – make time to have some fun. It will energise you and help you become more focused.
  3. Take some exercise and remember to eat healthily.
  4. Make time to talk, contact your friends and those that care about you. Sometimes, a nice cup of tea and a chat can make a world of difference.
  5. Take credit for the hard work you're doing, be proud and don't forget about all the great things you have going on.
  6. Keep positive…you can do this!

More information

For more top tips and to view the timetable of events visit the Stamp Out Stress web pages.



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