Tuesday 9 January 2018

Martin Luther King Jr – Faith, Justice and Legacy

An image of Martin Luther King overlaid on a background of words relating to him.

Join Martin Luther King Jr day at City Global Lounge to find out about his life and influence as the Civil Rights icon.

Monday 15 January
5.30 pm – 6.30 pm
City Global Lounge

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NTU Faith will be reflecting on the life and influence of the Civil Rights icon.

The event will reflect on the influence of his faith, how it motivated him to bring about social reform, and how his revolutionary methodology galvanized students and followers across the world to take action.

Join the discussion to reflect on how his legacy can challenge us to better serve humanity and how to approach the social injustices today.

The guest speakers include:

  • Lisa Robinson – CEO for Bright Ideas and activist working with local people to effect change and improvement in their communities. She is passionate about seeing a better society.
  • Sajid Mohammed – Co-Founder of Himmah, a social justice organisation tackling poverty, race and education. The primary aim is to love and serve humanity with a vision driven by mercy, compassion, service and justice.

The talks will be followed by a Q&A session and light refreshments will be provided afterwards.

The event hosted by Clive Foster – NTU Multi-Faith Manager.